E-commerce websites are a very common nowadays! Some of the best e-commerce solutions provider fails to provide the uniqueness. The issue does not lie with the quality and the content of the website but the strategy being used. There are a lot of e-commerce website designs.  The sites can be quickly built with the best free e-commerce website builders that are readily available, but to create the oomph factor and standout from the crowd there is need to embrace innovation in the e-commerce platforms all the while using the traditional E-commerce websites templates create the required innovative design that customers seek today. Shopify has provided a fantastic yet unique e-commerce solutions, but that is just the start, there is a lot of e-commerce arena that can be explored.

The key innovations that were introduced are:

  • The concept of Shopkey is unique. It allows the sellers on Shopify to interact with the consumers even when there are not online. They have taken the idea of live chat to utterly next level where the customer is catered to as per their needs and requirements without any hassle.
  • The beacon of hope! The beacon technology is an advanced version of the advertising to the consumers. It uniquely markets the brand increasing the customer conversion. There has been a lot of instances where the names missed out due to not reaching the customers at the right time. In this the beacon app allows the brand to interact with the customer when they are anywhere near the store’s vicinity. The app then allows the beam to send promotional messages and coupons to the people who have downloaded the app. This increases conversion as the facility to buy online is also available.
  • The buyable pins! Pinterest has always been an ever-attractive social platform. As it allows the people, who are posting on the Pinterest to sell as well. When a Pin is put up, people have the chance to make the purchase directly or save it for later purchase. If the person viewing the Pin decides to buy the product there and then, then they can complete the purchase by merely paying through credit card or Apple Pay.

•    Apple Pay! This was previously developed to pay for the in-app purchases. But today, it can also be used as a mode to send and receive cash when purchasing or selling through online platforms like Shopify.


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