Advantages of Using Joomla to Create Your
E-commerce Websites

Joomla is one of the best content management systems in the world. Just like WordPress, Joomla is a free, open source web building system that allows you to create your e-commerce websites without paying a dime. Its popularity is backed up by the fact that it runs about 25 million websites on the globe. This represents about 10% of all websites on the web. On top of that, it’s utilized by over 2800 government websites spanning 204 countries. Joomla is a bit different from other content management systems, as it’s only run by volunteers, making it an entirely open source platform. You’ll benefit from the following if you choose Joomla to power your e-commerce solutions:

Build your e-commerce platforms with Joomla for free

You can download Joomla CMS for free and use it to build as many e-commerce websites as you want. You are also not compelled to pay to get a better version. You don’t even get a Joomla branding on your websites, which makes it look just like any other website. Plus, you don’t need unique web design skills or coding knowledge to be able to create your elegant e-commerce store using Joomla. It’s a matter of dragging and dropping features as you go.

Brings many benefits to your e-commerce solutions because it’s open source

Open source means developers are free to enhance its functionality by including innovative features. Open source software dominates the web, with the best open source web scripting language being PHP. This popularity is the reason why institutions like Harvard University and Citibank like to use PHP. This popular scripting language was used to develop Joomla too, and MySQL is its favorite when it comes to data storage. This superior integration has allowed elite developers around the world to create extensions for Joomla, including propping up the Content Management System itself.

Joomla comes with powerful SEO functionalities for the success of your E-commerce websites

The fact that Joomla is built for SEO makes it an attractive platform for prospective e-commerce website owners. Before the introduction of Joomla 1.6, you only needed to enable the SEO functionalities to Rank on search engines. Today, however, these SEO functionalities are by default. This platform also lets you choose your own web page’s Meta keywords and Meta description, which enhances your search engine rankings. Essentially, Joomla gives you the freedom to tweak your SEO. Instead of hiring an expert web designer to set up your SEO, you can download some of the best SEO plug-ins in the platform.

Joomla makes content management on your e-commerce websites effortless

The innovators of Joomla developed the platform majorly for content management, which means you can manage users using different authorization levels effortlessly without needing to switch tabs. Also, building e-commerce platforms following a particular sequence is very easy.

Joomla offers a whole lot of flexibility when creating your e-commerce platforms

Joomla has more than 800 extensions, allowing you to make your e-commerce both functional and interactive. If you wish to add social media sharing buttons to your e-commerce store to take advantage of the impressive numbers on social media, there is a plugin for that. If you intend to make customer feedback one of your main marketing strategies, Joomla has extensions to create several customized forms.

With Joomla, publishing content on your e-commerce solutions is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Some e-commerce merchants shy away from using Joomla because they think they must have in-depth knowledge of HTML, PHP, and CS. Once you get attuned to using Joomla platform, you’re good to go. The only knowledge you need to publish a blog post on Joomla is copy pasting, uploading and hitting the publish button.

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